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Paula Staiti

Paula A Staiti is Brazilian, married to an American and mother of 2 little girls born in Singapore, where the family has been based for nearly 10 years.

She has studied Tourism, Hotel Management and also Logistics. Her favourite internship was at Disney World Orlando. It was amazing to see and be part of the backstage of the parks.

Started her modelling carrier in Brazil but has worked in Milan, Germany, USA, before moving to Singapore.

Her days now are busy, juggling photoshoots, school runs, homework and playdates, teaching classes for a local Brazilian group, squeezing in work out sessions and some nice dinners with friends.

“Living in Singapore has been a great journey. I have met wonderful and talented people, including Jess. KonaCoco is definitely a nice surprise of 2020 for me, I can’t help but love every piece! “

We are so delighted to have Paula gracing our latest Reflections collection.  What a professional and so fun to work with – thank you Paula.

Follow Paula on Instagram @vidamargerida

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Rene Wright

South African born Australian, Rene, has lived in Singapore for the past 7 years.  She is a busy mother of  three and has dedicated herself to improving Nutritional education and wellness of her clients.  

Rene holds an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Nutrition and is a certified Health Coach and operates her OWN boutique wellness consultancy.

During her consults she advises and educates on how to take care of ourselves and take responsibility for our health using nutrition as a tool making lifelong changes and making pivots to lifestyles.    Like KonaCoco Rene doesn’t believe in fads. This professional understands we are all unique and need tailored programmes to suit our individual needs.

Also a dedicated fashionista, Rene not only enjoys a large range of the KonaCoco collection and our house label, but her daughter Amy steps in and models for our brand too.  Reach out for some no fuss, warm and pragmatic help from Rene and check out her KonaCoco style!  She consults worldwide via Zoom and in person in Singapore.

Website:  www.renewrightnutrition.com

Instagram: @renewrightnutrition

Exclusive stylist selected bundles

Eva Papadaksis

Professional Stylist
Eva is the Founder and Principal Stylist at Style your fashion Soul and a regular visitor to KonaCoco.  She takes women on their own personal journey of self-discovery, using colours, clothes, shapes, patterns & textures. Together with you she identifies any missing pieces and distills your wardrobe into outfit combinations that support, empower, heal, and celebrate who you are.

Clothing is such an intimate part of our lives and gives us the power to express aspects of who we are, gives us courage and amour when needed, and can be so fun and light! Style your fashion soul want to help you harness the power of clothing to celebrate you, making it fun, practical, with immediate results.

Website: www.styleyourfashionsoul.com

Instagram: @styleyourfashionsoul


Ella dress

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Josie wide-legged pants

Josie top

Lyla blouse

Exclusive stylist selected bundles