Georgia Hall’s label, State of Georgia, was founded in 2004.  Georgia is a spirited performer at heart with a love of bohemia, and loved nothing more than dressing up as a child. This lead to an early career on the stage with dancing and acting jobs that took her around the world.  It was this innate expressiveness, love of colour and movement, that lead to her designing her first collections to suit her own ever changing frame of mind, hence the name, State of Georgia.

Originally an Australian based brand, State of Georgia quickly gained an international following for its vintage-inspired prints and silhouettes.  Georgia likes to design eclectic feminine collections with a touch of girlish vintage detail,  influenced heavily by her travels. The label offers a collection that defies seasons and trends, focusing instead on signature pieces that every girl needs in their wardrobe. 

KonaCoco is proud to be the first to offer Georgia’s designs to the Singapore market and to curate them as part of the KonaCoco collection.

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