KonaCoco was born out of frustration with the lack of direct access to designer led fashion which offers climate appropriate and travel friendly garments at an accessible price.  Our experience of international living shows us that many countries simply follow 'other' regional fashion trends with little regard for climate, quality or usability. 

We respect the designer and quality production, and repel fast fashion.  We also believe that fashion for fashions’ sake is passe in a day to day context and that the vast majority of any consumer’s purchases need to be made around garments which can be worn time and time again in multiple scenarios and across a variety of fashion seasons.  Clothing must be complementary to the individual, comfortable and fit well, highly wearable and of sensual fabrics and with solid construction from reliable and trusted sources.  So with this mission in mind we set about seeking out and designing clothing which honours these wishes.

We scout up and coming designers, and those with a boutique yet solid design heritage.  We don’t work with everyone, and take a partnering approach with our designers, helping to boost their name, and take ownership of this amalgamation as a style in itself.  We love a little original flair without being so edgy that fashion applications are limited post purchase.  We are unafraid to reference multiple style sources in order to build what we like to represent, whether they are already popular or largely unknown.  We ourselves design using the direct feedback loop we are so grateful for with our consumers, partner designers and constant global exposure as international citizens.

Thank-you for visiting and we hope to see you many times in the years to come. x